FLL Mission Overview Part 1/14 - Roof Solar Panel

Following this post will be 13 more posts, in which Jonathan and I will discuss each of the FLL missions for this year. If you have not done so, you should read the Official Website (http://www.firstlegoleague.org/default.aspx?pid=70) first.

Objective: Place the Solar Panel onto the roof of the house by the sea.

Point Worth: 15 points

Mission Location: Northwest (Upperright) corner of the mat

Speculated Difficult Level: 7/10

Time Length Rating: Medium

This mission requires the robot to place a small Solar Panel onto the roof of the house in the northwest corner of the mat. We think that it will take a medium amount of time to complete the mission because of the accuracy required, but the location being somewhat close to Base, it will not take as long. We have also rated the difficulty 7/10 for the precision and the somewhat odd angle the house is placed at.

Good luck, and watch out for future posts,

Jonathan's Comments: One of the unique aspects I've noticed about this challenge is the type of "delivery" that has to be made in it. There have, of course, been missions in past challenges that require the robot to deliver something to a model. But if I remember correctly, most of them allowed for a reasonable amount of inaccuracy (for example, the ATP molecules in last year's NanoQuest theme just had to be dropped into a black frame). In this challenge however, the sonar panel has to be set at the right angle, has to be set down gently, and can easily be knocked off during delivery if the robot doesn't perform well. We'll probably be seeing some very interesting and well-designed solutions to this challenge.


Where is the initial location of the solar panel? Is it in the base or on the ground near the house?
Micah E. said…

In (or near) base or the parking lot.
I'm sure it's located somewhere, but it's hard to tell from the video where it initially starts... PLUS, in their little animation it shows the panel sitting on the ground in front of the house.

Where exactly are the starting positions stated for all the various components? That's going to be a very cluttered base :)
Anonymous said…
The starting positions for all models and scoring objects are outlined in the Field Setup at http://www.firstlegoleague.org/default.aspx?pid=29590

The Roof Solar Panel starts out in Base or the Parking Lot (white area beside Base.)
Anonymous said…
"Roof Solar Panel, Hydrogen Car, Power Lines, Dam and Flood, Five White Oil Barrels, Four Trees, and Two Wind Turbines: (No Dual Lock) Setup is with these models in BASE and/or completely in the white area of the parking lot."

Does "Setup" mean team choice or tournament choice?

If team choice, can they be placed before 2.5minutes starts?

Can they be placed during 2.5 minutes?
Anonymous said…
My team has had some very interesting discussions regarding whether to come at the house from the front or back. Back seems to be winning out. Anyone's thoughts?
Ethan Steckmann said…
Matt why the back.


ps i think front
Jonathan's follow-up is a good one - most of last years "placement" challenges were 2-dimensional in nature. Push something across the mat... this year we have items being placed in 3-dimensions.

And it's not just this mission - many of the new missions require a much higher degree of accuracy (such as placing the car/truck/dam in very specific locations.

I really can't wait to start seeing early contests and some of the designs.

Anonymous said…

I'm new to this blog. I'm coaching a rookie team (or, at least, I'm a
rookie coach ;-) and have a few
questions (kinda stupid ones):

1. How did you find out where the
initial location of the panel
was, Catpit?

2. What video are you talking
about, Jim?

3. Where do the vehicles start out
and where does the first league
site say this?

Thanks for your help. ;-)

Michael Wong
Robolab 2.9 said…
Hi Michael,

FLL has not made this year very new-team-friendly. But here are the answers to your questions...

You can find where objects start:
Make sure to read the entire page.

Jim was referring to the videos created by the University of Wisconsin here:
It also has some nice videos on Energy.

Hope to be of help,

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