FLL Mission Overview Part 3 - Hydro-Dam

Objective: Place the Dam - while keeping the Dam upright - so it is touching both banks of any river east of (to the right of) Base.

Point Worth: 25 points, 10 point deduction if the Dam or the projected Flood (more on that later) touches any houses

Mission Location: East (right) of Base

Speculated Difficulty Level: 1/10 for taking the deduction, 1.5/10 for maximum points

Time Length Rating: Low

Unique Challenge Aspects: What's interesting about this mission is that the Referee has to 'project' a Flood upstream from the Dam by placing the LEGO Flood North of the Dam at the end of the match. This calls for quite a degree of accuracy because the robot has to take into account the following: 1) The Dam can't touch any houses, 2) The Flood has to be able to be put next to the Dam (so no shoving the Dam against the wall!)*, 3) The Flood can't touch any houses, and 4) Can't get in the way of any solving any other missions.
Also, the Dam is never a 'Stray Object', so the Referee cannot move the Dam for you to an equivalent scoring position. Rats!

Good luck!

*Edit 9/22/07: Per Q and A #1, you are allowed to put the Dam against the wall. The ref will estimate if the Flood had hit any houses.

Jonathan's Comments: Notice that, for this mission, the model can be placed in a wide range of positions. Specifically, it can be put anywhere along either of the two rivers east of base (provided that it touches both banks of the river). This gives teams a lot of choice in how they do this mission. Of course, if you put the Dam on the south river, it won't score extra points if the Electrical Line model is touching the community next to the north river, so that's definitely something to take into consideration.


Anonymous said…
Actually, you can place the dam near the walls. See Q&A 1.
Robolab 2.9 said…

Ah... I haven't gone through the Q and A yet... thanks very much. I'll make the adjustment.

Anonymous said…
How would the flood touch any houses if the dam was up against the wall? The flood is to be upstream of the dam, so the flood would be off the mat. Or am I missing something?

We are enjoying the comments on the missions. They are helpful!

That's great you've enjoyed the posts... thanks for the comment!

Click here for an example of the Hydro Dam touching one of the walls and overlapping a house when the flood is projected from it.


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