FLL Mission Overview Part 4 - Power Plant Supply

Objective: Move several types of "fuel" on the mat to the Power Plant's property (enclosed by road).

Point Worth: 10 points each for a maximum of two trees in the property, under the condition that another tree has been "planted", 10 points for at least half the load of black coal in the property, 10 points for each green uranium, 5 points for each white oil barrel. Maximum of 85 points.

Mission Location: Near top-right (North-East) corner of mat.

Estimated Difficulty Level: 4/10

Time Length Rating: Medium

Unique Challenge Aspects: Only mission which you can lose points by completing fully.

This mission is probably one of the strangest this year. That's because doing two of the deliveries in this challenge won't give you any extra points, but one of them will in fact decrease your points! You can push the trees anywhere north of the main river to count 10 points each, or you could try to get them all the way to the north edge of the mat, into the Power Plant's property to get...well... the same amount of points. Oh, and you would still have to push one of the trees north of the main river to count as planted, anyway. :P The Oil Barrels are even worse. You could just keep the Oil Barrels in base and get 10 points for each. But if you wanted, you could have your robot push them all the way across the mat into the Power Plant's property... and get 5 less points for each! Unfortunately you're not allowed to move the red oil barrels to the property, so you're stuck with 10 points for each of those. :-)

Anyway, this mission's difficulty is rated at 4/10 because it should be fairly easy to push the deliverables to the Power Plant with the robot, but there is some amount of accuracy required and you do need to push several models.


NOTICE: All of these mission overviews can be found by searching for "Mission Overview" or "FLL Overview".

Richard's Comments: Just wanted to remind everyone that the trees and the windmill must be upright. And I must say, those windmills are really topheavy, so watch out!


Micah E. said…
This mission definitely gets teams thinking about strategy. Since the powerline mission dictates that they make a visit to this area, what do they want to put there while they are there. The oil barrels present a difficult desicion to make: do you get less points for sure, or do you get the potential for more points, along with the risk of losing points for robot rescues?


>do you get less points for sure,
>or do you get the potential for
>more points, along with the risk
>of losing points for robot

Well, even if you put the white barrels in the Power Plant property, the red barrels will still get taken for robot rescues if they're in base.

David Levy said…
Here is a link to some interactive scoring spreadsheets that were made available on the US FLL team forum.

I'm not sure if they will help provide more insight into the power plant strategy, but they do seem like useful tools for the kids to have.

Eric D. Burdo said…
There are a few strategies you could use to "save" your barrels from being used as rescue points. But I don't want to give out too many possible solutions. Sometimes folks get annoyed over that.

I have a question. The rules say "half the ore". Does that mean half of the black ore (10) or half of the ore total (14), but they have to be black?

Ditto about the other strategies to save the barrels. But it's not just because some people would get annoyed that we don't give solutions, but because FLL doesn't want the adults telling the teams how to solve the challenges - the teams are supposed to do that. My team has figured out a strategy with the barrels too, but we're keeping mum on that one. ;-)

About the black coal... I'm not sure, but I think it means more than half the black coal. If you look on the dynamic spreadsheet David linked to, they have a checkmark for, "at least half of the black coal".

Eric D. Burdo said…
When I read the "half the pieces of ore", that means 14. If they have to be black, then that means 14 black.

But I can see how it would mean 10 black, if you interpret the challenge as "half the black pieces of ore".

I hope the question is asked (and answered) in the official QA. Although I am not running an FLL team this year, I am hoping to attend some of the local competitions.
Joshua Heinzl said…

The mission says:

"Black Coal: 10 points for at least half of the original load"

It doesn't say "Coal: 10 points for half the load". It says "black coal". The original load of black coal is 20.


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