Hassenplug's Green Monster!

Steve Hassenplug has put up a new robot on his website - the Green Monster! It uses one NXT, all three motors configured in a four wheel drive, GPS, a Compass Sensor, and those new Exo-Force large wheels. He used pbLua to program it.

It was designed to compete in a RoboMagellan competion.

Read about it here: http://www.teamhassenplug.org/robots/GreenMonster/

Very cool!


NXTMonger said…
I was just waiting for someone to use those wheels! I saw them in the LEGO mag, and I thought "Man, those would be perfect for a NXT creation!"
Anonymous said…
I saw that model before most people did. He came to my sumobot competion. Its cool he put it online. :-)
Anonymous said…
some guy already used those wheels in a video on youtube called something like the "green dragon" with nxt and the PF xl motors--looked like it could haul A$$.

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