Mark your calendar - Atlanta, GA Gathering

We don't have all the details yet, but for those in the Atlanta and surrounding areas (that includes our friends in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida - we cast a wide net) please mark your calendar for October 14, 2007. There will be a gathering from 2pm-6pm at the Atlanta Girls School. Some of the activities will include:

- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Programming classes (running concurrently, so pick just one)

- Engineering/Design Theory class

- Scrimmage area for FLL robot testing

- Teacher/Coaches networking room

- Q&A session with 1 or more FLL-experienced-judges regarding the Project portion of FLL

- Demos and presentations area for organizations

As more details are added, I'll post them here. The event is open to teachers, parents, coaches, and kids (of all ages). Some classes may have a size limitation, so expect an update on how to RSVP shortly. The date and times are set, but the schedule is still being developed, so things might be added or removed from the list above.

We're also working on having some local organizations and schools involved - so if you represent an organization and would like to arrange for a table, please contact me at jktechwriter*at*

We're trying to lockdown the schedule and should have a schedule of events in about a week or so. We also would love some feedback from those of you in the area who might attend - What would you like to see accomlished at the gathering?



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