Mexican NXT Blog

mgarduno, a reader of our blog, pointed us to another Spanish-speaking NXT blog, Lego Mindstorms en la UABC. It's from Mexico and mainly maintained by the UABC LEGO Team.

Te esperan.



i'm from Brazil and i create one blog tha speaks about NXT and family in Portuguese, the first one on this language.

Can you say something about it?

it is, and it is all in Portuguese, to people from Brazil and from Portugal and Africa.

My team is The Guardians.

Thanks... Obrigado!!!

Hola, Alexandre.

Unfortunately, we get a LOT of requests from readers asking us to post something about their website or blog. What we've done instead is simply ask people to tell us about their blog or website in a comment - just like you've done!

Thanks for sharing your site with us and our readers... and good luck to the Guardians!

thanks Jim

we are new on this world!!

it is so cool to be here!!!

good luck to your team too!!

and best of all for everybody

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