New Firmware Update for the NXT

Version 1.05 is here.


Ethan Steckmann said…
I have been using 1.05 for a few weeks now because I got NXT-G 1.1 with my FLL kit.

Anonymous said…
> Click on download to save the library to your hard drive. Unzip the downloaded archive including the folder structure and follow the instructions in the Read Me file.

But there's no read me file included! How to install this?
Brian Davis said…
Place the firmware file in the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT/engine/firmware folder. Now open the NXT-G environment, and open a program (any program, even a new blank one). Plug in an NXT brick via the USB cable. Under the "Tools" menu in the software, you can now select "Update NXT firmware".

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Thank you, it worked. :)

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