New Member from Oz

Thankyou to Jim and Rob T. for the invite to the NXT blog.
Quick blurb:
My name is Chris Bracken; I am a teacher from Tasmania, Australia who has been involved with Robotics Education for the past 5 years. For 06/07 I was on the National committee for RoboCup Junior Australia and I am currently the secretary for Robotics Tasmania. I have also set up a company Proactive PD ( that presents workshops to teachers, mostly in Robotics.
All my workshops are based on the NXT, and I use a combination of software (NXT-G, Robolab 2.9 and Robot C). I am particularly interested in meaningful educational outcomes for the NXT in the classroom, the cross curricula aspect of Robotics Education and the potential of basing large chunks of high school Physics courses around using the NXT.
I am thoroughly looking forward to reading back on many of the archival entries and entering discussion on some of the exciting recent topics on the NXT blog.


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