Sep 20, 2007

Mindsensors NXT Camera Demos

The video below claims that the NXT camera from Mindsensors will be available by the end of this month. ( makes the same claim). There have been delays with this camera before, so hopefully this claim is correct.

Here's another video of the camera tracking a ball:


Matthias Paul Scholz said...

Anything known about an API to write programs against the camera's interface?

Pedro Pinheiro said...

I wonder how they'll integrate it with NXT-G and what kind of base functionalities it will have.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect nxt-g support for the camera from mindsensors but it might come from other fans. Most of their other products are not nxt-g compatible and require some programming skills using C.

Scotty said...

Believe it or not - I programmed the top video in NXT-G.

The last I heard, the NXTCam will come with (may be a download) a color mapper (used to select colors to identify), and the NXT-G programming blocks that are needed to make it work (also sample code for C).

It will also probably come with documentation, and programming examples (if not, I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before someone shares their program).

With the camera you can identify shapes, size, and color.

See ya,

222Doc said...

Just too slick, gota have one

mircea cimpoi said...


do you know something about using this camera for mindstorms nxt (not nxt-g)?

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