New PDF book from Japan

ISOGAWA Yoshihito, author of "The Orange Book" (OB)has a new PDF book coming out on October 1. Unlike the OB, this book has very little text (only 3 pages to be exact) but over 200 pages of mechanisms (a nice mix of small, medium, and large) built from LEGO and Technic parts, including NXT components and the new Power Functions motors. It's all in full-color and he's asking for those who download the book and find it useful to contribute $10.00.

I'm including some screenshots here of a few of the 211 pages. There are some amazing designs here and I'm having a hard time picking which ones to use as examples. The book does not require the reader to speak or read Japanese and all 211 demo pages are fairly easy to figure out and duplicate.

FLL teams are sure to find some great examples for inspiration. The sheer amount of work put into these mechanisms is amazing and I highly encourage those of you who do download and enjoy the book to contribute - this will allow Yoshihito to continue developing more books and reference material.

More details will be provided when the book becomes available for download and purchase.


Peter Hoh said…
Great stuff. I love this sort of exploration with simple mechanics.

I've been mulling creatiing more posts on the pre-robotics level, but I'm not sure that it's appropriate for this blog.

For those coaching or participating on teams -- do you find that it's useful to build small projects like these that feature one or two mechanisms before jumping into full-fledged robotics?
David Levy said…
Yes. I think that is very useful. I've been letting my team thumb through this author's Orange Book for ideas.

I'd like to see more of this rather that complete solutions.

I also wouldn't mind participating in some sort of book club to try and make sense of some of these simple mechanisms in order to document the science behind them - as well as the english translation of any well known mechanisms and their real world uses.

Eric D. Burdo said…
Peter, I think the pre-robotics level stuff would be great. I know it doesn't draw the "wow, cool bot dude" crowd, but it will help with those who are learning to build, or looking for new mechanisms to build from.
Anonymous said…
I purchased the LEGO Education Motorized Simple Machines kit and Science and Technology Kit in order to give my son experience in building while he works through the LEGO Retail ROBO center. Those kits also come w/ workbooks which explains the science (force, gear ratios, pullies etc). This PDF book sounds like it would be a great addition to my collection and at $10, can't beat the price!
Anonymous said…
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