Resource for Educators Who Use the NXT

The Tufts University Center for Engineering Educational Outreach (CEEO), located in Medford, MA, provides programs and workshops for teachers and youth who use either the NXT or the RCX version of LEGO MINDSTORMS.

The center provides a summer program for youth in 3rd-5th grades, as well as workshops for educators.

Educators who attend CEEO workshops will:

- Learn about the Engineering Design Process
- Learn LEGO building techniques
- Learn about programming with ROBOLAB or NXT-G
- Participate in hands-on activities such as fractions and graphing.
- Explore Gearing and Gear Ratios
- Explore the pedagogy of using hands-on engineering projects
- Investigate how to teach content through engineering based projects
- Discuss and develop classroom management strategies

The center also sponsors an engineering symposium for Educators who use LEGO MINDSTORMS in the classroom. Below is an outline of the next symposium in Massachusetts, which is still accepting registrants. (Click on the graphic for an enlarged view):

The center also co-sponsors conferences on engineering education throughout the US, as well as in Europe and Japan. For a complete listing of upcoming conferences, click here.

Below are two photos of Robert Rasmussen, the director of the center. The second photo shows Mr. Rasmussen in the center’s “Building Room”. (Click on each photo for an enlarged view).

More information about the center and its programs is here.


Rick Rhodes said…
This post was based on a visit to the center and on an interview with the director, Robert Rasmussen.

If you have more questions about the center and its programs, post them here and I'll have Mr. Rasmussen address them.

David Levy said…
"All bins stay on the wall"?

Now I wonder why Mr Rasmussen would have to put up that sign?

Very cool Rick.
Anonymous said…
Now thats a Lego room to be proud of. Humm need to show wife this so we are not sleeping with Legos lol

wish we had that when i was young. What a great looking program. That is what should be in ALL schools. Even if it cost a bit more in taxes, i would be glade for such a program. MUCH better than midnight basketball IMHO(well not so humble)

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I went to the LEGO Engineering Symposium sponsored by CEEO early this year (and plan to go to the next one in January, 2008). It was well worth the trip!

You can download activities that were developed and the presentations from the last Symposium here.
Joshua Heinzl said…
I also went and plan to attend again!

See you there,
Excellent! Which of the activities that were developed did you help create?

Joshua Heinzl said…
We worked on datalogging the acceleration and deceleration of a robot given a certain routine to determine the response in actual speed vs the power input. This way you can see how fast it actually takes the robot to accelerate/decelerate and if you can improve it's performance.

Anonymous said…
Robert Rasmussen is not the director of CEEO. Dr. Chris Rogers is the Director of CEEO. Mr. Rasmussen is the director of business development.

Their home page links are here.,com_peoplebook/func,fullview/staffid,66/Itemid,50/,com_peoplebook/func,fullview/staffid,65/Itemid,50/

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