RoboCUp Junior Australian Championships

September 1st and 2nd saw the RoboCup Junior Australian Open being held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center.

There were approximately 150 teams across 6 divisions with roughly 350 students competing. We had teams from all over Australia, as well as invited teams from China and Singapore.

Damien Kee


BlueToothKiwi said…
Thanks Damo for sharing the RoboCup pictures from down under.

It is interesting to see the sea of yellow robots (made up of older MINDSTORMS RCX based robots) has a sizable numbers of grey (the newer MINDSTORMS NXT based robots) amongst it now.
Damien Kee said…
Yes, we're up to our 6th year running and in that time have built up a sizable RCX presence. It's nice to see the newer NXT's making an appearance, and we are expecting more as the years go on.
Anonymous said…
Hey Damo,

But why can't the lego bots win the soccer anymore?
Damien Kee said…
LEGO bots still hold their own very well against the custom bots, but lack things like adequate sensors inputs.

Those kids winning the soccer are pretty hardcore robotics kids who are probably the top kids (academically in science / maths) in the country.

LEGO robots still do very well at State and Regional level.

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