SpaceNavigator - another input device for the NXT?

I'd not heard of the SpaceNavigator before, but it looks like a nifty little (and I do mean little) device. Looking like a control knob in search of a mounting panel, it offers 6 degrees of freedom, far more than the NXT currently offers. While it is marketed as a tool for #D animation and CAD, it clearly could have a second life as very compact gaming controller, or in this case as a remote control for an NXT. Over on the ToxicSoftware blog Jon has written a little OSX code to allow his laptop with the SpaceNavigator attached to control his teams FLL robot - take a look at his blog post here, and he announced it over in the NXTasy forums. Not bad at all, and it seems very promising (now, could I have a version of it that is BT wireless from the git-go, and I could dispense with the laptop?). Has anybody else played with this little device? It should be very interesting seeing where Jon can end up taking this - he mentions making the code open-source. Take a look at a video of him controling his robot here (ignore the fact that the poor guy drives over his own keyboard).

Brian Davis


schwa said…
Hey Brian,

Nice post. Thanks for linking to me. The code is already uploaded to the google code server. I'd be happy to work with anyone trying to get it working themselves.

The NXT code and the SpaceNavigator are entirely seperate. It is feasible that my NXT code could be used by someone else in their own apps.
Aaron said…
cool but where do you get it?
Brian Davis said…
If you click on the first link in my post, it will actually take you to the Amazon page for it. So that's at least one way.

Brian Davis

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