Vernier Sensors - An Update

Kirk Backstrom wrote a bit about the Vernier adapter a few days ago.

I recently was visiting the Vernier website, and found a list (with lots of links) of the sensors that are available.

There are over 30 of them. Here is the list of Vernier Sensors that can be used.

Vernier has sensors to check barometric pressure, acceleration, pH and Oxygen sensors, UVA, gas pressure and many more. The sensors will work with LabView or the Mindstorms NXT software. There is only 1 download block are a few download blocks to add (plus you need to buy the sensors), but this is a great addition to the NXT sensor world!


Nate KI6STK said…
There is actually only one block for download. It has all the compatible sensors in the action control. Its a very nicely done block.
Kirk Backstrom said…

Could you please provide the link to where one could download the block?

Anonymous said…
Download the block here:

Hope this helps!

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