What is this???

I found this picture of some sort of NXT robot today... anyone know what it is? I noticed a few interesting things from the picture:

First, there aren't any motors! So perhaps this thing isn't supposed to move? On the other hand, it has a pretty big, open, frame, so maybe some different motorized components fit in the openings?

Second, notice the wheels in the back - they appear to be all taped up so that they can't move. Any ideas on why this would be?

Another interesting thing about this robot is the NXT Brick - it's upside down! Or maybe the robot is upside down?

Finally... the picture shows three sensors on the robot - 2 US sensors and 1 Light Sensor. However, if you look closely you can see that all four sensor ports are used, so there's probably another sensor on the other side of the NXT Brick. Judging from the positions and types of sensors, maybe this robot is supposed to track objects, possibly bright objects? Although that wouldn't be possible if the robot can't move...

So anyway, has anyone seen this before or know what it might be?


UPDATE: Due to a comment on the post, I had to admit that I'm the one who made this robot. Everyone has until the end of Monday, September 10th, to figure out what this robot's purpose is before I post the answer. I will be posting hints periodically until then, so "stay tuned". :-)

HINT 1: The open frame of the robot actually doesn't fit NXT motorized components - the robot does not use any motors. Rather, the frame is made to hold something...


Anonymous said…
Where'd you find it?
Oh, did I fail to mention that? How silly of me... I found it on my camera! :P

Lol... that's my latest robot. Can anyone guess its purpose? I'll give everyone until the end of Monday, September 10th, to figure it out before I post what it is.

Micah E. said…
You taped LEGO??? What kind of barbarian are you?

Lol... I honestly have no idea, although I'm pretty sure that the only sensors (other then touch) that you have in stock is one compass sensor from HiTechnic. Also, there's an unpublished folder in your Brickshelf titled "Matrix solver"...

Other then that, I'd say is looks like it might have something to do with RCX-NXT communication.

Very enigmatic.
>>You taped LEGO???

Lol... yeah it did go a bit against the grain, but it makes the "robot" quite a bit better so I did it anyway.

As for the sensors part... the one you can't see is another light sensor, so there's 2 US and 2 Light. In regards to the Matrix Solver folder on Brickshelf - that's been up for a while, and it contained a program I made for the NXT Brick to solve matrixes - has nothing to do with this robot. The only documentation of this robot is in this post.

That's an interesting idea you have about it being for NXT - RCX communication... but why would it have 2 US sensors?

I'll update the post with a few hints periodically, so "stay tuned"... :)

Anonymous said…
Maybe it sits on ones head...
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
It's always nice to find your bathroom in the dark when you realy have to go in the middle of the night. So just get out of bed, put your NXT-device on and follow the soft beeping of your NXT to get there with your eyes closed...
Andy said…
I think it looks like a helmet, so I think I agree with anonymious (the post before mine). Looks cool Jonathan! Keep up your good LEGO building ;)

Well, the taped-up tires are obviously meant to provide friction - I think the helmet idea has merit, but you say it's not meant to be worn as a helmet, so it makes me think it should fit over something like a post...

Wow... very sharp thinking, anonymous - that's exactly what it's used for! I'll post more details and pictures of it later, but it's called the Bionic Helmet (sequel to the Bionic Glove), and is strapped onto your head to give lights or sonar.

Anonymous said…
Do you need to resolve conflicts when using two US sensors? (I.E one sensor receiving a ping from another ) Is this non trivial?
Fun Concepts Jonathan! Somehow I knew this one was coming... I can't wait for the whole suit!

Squish those tires over a (pivoting?) stick structure to remove that invisible stuff.


Actually, there isn't much of any problem with the two sensors being near each other, except sometimes when a wall is angled so that it reflects the sound from one US sensor into the other one they both detect it.


Lol... yeah I'll have to work on the lower leg glove next, to enable the user to take short jet jumps and the like. :P

Unknown said…
I'd say its a byonic glove, but i havo no idea what to use it for
Unknown said…
A helmet.
Well, we should have guessed as much, as Jonathan is into that kind of cyborg stuff, isn't he? ;-)
Andy said…
Lol, yeah, I think your right there Matthias! I like your bionic glove and helmet(??). And I am looking forward to see some more cool stuff from you Jonathan ;)

aaron said…
Helmet, yes...

Hmm...perhaps the US sensors beep faster as something gets nearer? (hence being able to determine where the tunnels are as you hunt the wumpus..)

Not a clue what the light sensors are for. (other than, perhaps, a voice prompt that says "You are now looking directly at the sun. Please close your eyes.")

Now...just a few lego arrow launchers that trigger when someone (something) gets within a proscribed distance.
Anonymous said…
It is oviously a helmet that uses the sensors to pick up information

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