Bot'oberfest - Summary

Bot'oberfest was a HUGE success! Held this past Sunday (Oct 14) at The Atlanta Girls' School, the unofficial attendance was estimated to be over 350.

Classes included Intro to NXT-G, Intermediate NXT-G, Advanced NXT-G, Robot Design Basics, Chassis Design, and Attachment Design. We also had a Judging class where attendees could listen to and ask questions of Technical and Project judges. Energy experts were invited and talked and answered questions on a variety of subjects related to this year's FLL challenge. And, of course, there was a scrimmage area where some teams tested their robots.

We also had a room for students with snacks and drinks (another HUGE hit) and a room for teachers/parents/coaches with coffee and food. Key sponsors were Georgia Tech and the GT Women in Engineering program... LEGO Education was also fully supportive of the event and provided some giveaways. Finally, YES (Youth Engaged in Science) donated a $250 gift certificate that could be applied to any of its enrichment programs.

All of the organizers (myself included) went into this with the full intention of providing access to our notes and materials to others who might be interested in setting up a similar style event in their area.

Kristie Brown, LEGO Ed rep for this Southeast area, is hosting much of the material on her website - you can download slideshows and support materials used by many of the presenters here.

LINK for emailing:

The feedback we have received so far has been overwhelmingly supportive. Thanks to all of you who attended and we hope you had a great time.


Rick Rhodes said…
350 People??? Whoaaa!

I liked the PPT presentations, particularly the one on building instructions.

Fay wants to know where Kristie gets her green facial makeup. :)

Rick Rhodes said…

On the minifig of Kristie on her Lego Ed Page. :)


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