Bot'oberfest - Update

Well, we've got upwards of 170+ people signed up and currently there are 23 different classses spread over 4 tracks (programming, building, judging). This doesn't include the scrimmaging area and the Coaches' Coffee Shop and the Student Lounge (open discussion/snacks/drinks).

For those attending... see you on Sunday.


Will the presentation materials from these sessions be gathered and posted for everyone who isn't fortunate enough to be in/near Atlanta this weekend? ;-)

This looks awesome by the way! I might be interested in getting something like this going in the Chicago area next season.

- Larry

Yes, I will do my best to pull everything together - slideshows, PDFs, etc... and make them available for download after the event.

We definitely want to make this as easy as possible for others who want to put together a similar event.

Hi Jim,

That's great news. Thanks!

Brian Davis said…
I'm late to the party here, but that looks like a great list of topics and speakers! John Fields is someone I've specificly worked with in the past, and is a great speaker and amazingly knowledgable about both NXT-G and LabVIEW - I'd very strongly recommend his talk if you are interested in advanced graphical programming for the NXT.

Brian Davis

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