Closer look at the Treads and Sprockets Pack

I ordered the Treads and Sprockets Pack from LEGO Education a few days ago, and it just arrived today. I was quite surprised to see how many pieces came with the pack - there's a lot! As you can see in the picture above, there's enough to make four good-sized sets, which is probably more than I'll ever use. As you can see in the picture on the left, I put all the links together and strung them out in one long chain... it's really long! The NXT Brick is used for scale.

My only dissapointment with this pack is the fact that it only includes the small sprockets and none of the bigger, yellow, ones. I don't have any of those and they would probably come in handy. But overall, I think this is a great deal for only $12.00 (minus shipping) - it includes 10 small sprockets and 100 tread links.



Joshua Heinzl said…
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Anonymous said…
I read it as "four sets of treads", FWIW.

Yes, that's what I meant.

Micah E. said…
I think anonymous means he read that you got four of the tread packs. Which you didn't I'm assuming?

McZargald (formerly CATpit, formerly Maniac)

Lol, well in case anyone is confused, I got 1 PRODUCT, which had enough pieces to make 4 TREADS (you know, the circular belt-like thingies you put on robots to give them good traction? :P).

I have a question. I have some of these from the Snowmobile set. I noticed the traction was not very good in that set as the treads were too smooth. How's the traction on this set?
Joshua Heinzl said…
They're the same treads. Traction is not good because the friction co-efficient is very low. The only place they would work is on carpet or similar. Another possibility is to add tires/something else that has better grip to them.

For the posts above - originally it did say 4 robots ;) No harm done.

Yeah eladar, these are the same ones. I think Brian Davis found a neat way to add traction to them by spraying something like liquid rubber on... but I'm not sure about that.

Anonymous said…
Brian used "Plastic Dip rubberizer" Its a brush/dip on or dab in our case. It is used to make your metal tools have that rubbery grip kind of thing going on. I made a 100 little rubber pads from a high grade rubber but that is way to much work.

But it seems that once you rubberize these little guys they have good trackion.

with this new low price on them it is possible now to build a mono rail system with them, should be very cool and other amusement like rides.

I have a bottle of it just have yet to do it.
Brian Davis said…
I've yet to do more, but after doing some it wasn't too hard. The product I used is called "PlastiDip", and I essentially "painted" it daubed it onto the treads one at a time, leaving the edges and the holes (in most cases) clear. With Plastidipped treads, the traction is much much better - 45° slopes are no problems. 'Course, it may make it harder for large vehicles (like the Bulldozer) to skid-steer...

Brian "no longer as pure as the driven snow" Davis
Anonymous said…
Are german user able to buy this pieces ?

Nice... I'll have to look into getting some of that stuff.

Christian, I'm not sure if you can, but Matthias will probably know.

Regarding Plasti Dip and the treads... how well does it come off again, if you want to 'go back to factory condition'?

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