Coming soon: Tracks and Sprockets

LEGO Education will sale a new nice set of Tracks and Sprockets.
It will be available soon but is listed as temporarily Out of Stock. The sales Price is set to $12.00. The set holds 10 sprocket elements and 100 track elements.
Look for product ID: W991369


Anonymous said…
Excellent, no need to buy more sets to stock up.

Now, will they be available to the UK at S@H?
Louise, that's just the tread and sprocket elements...other sets still have that great assortment of extremely useful and needed elements bumping up building possibilities. But, unless you have enough of everything else (which is impossible. really now) this is a very fine pack!

I'm glad that LEGO is listening and making things happen for builders. It's fantastic to have additional part packs to snag.

If the part count is as noted...that may be the single most generous Supplemental pack ever released. What a deal!

Let's be specific here, though - it's LEGO Education that's offering the parts pack and not LEGO Denmark. If I'm wrong, tell me.
Robotica said…
Jim you are right it is not Shop@home, but LEGO Education (USA) that is offering this set.
The numbers are as posted, and it is a good deal if you want tracks.
curently there are two boxes that have these tracks:
the Snow scooter

the Power Functions BullDozer

Looks like no large sprockets in this pack. Ouch!

So LEGO Ed snagged a quantity and packaged them? The old Pitsco Supplemental packs where packaged in Denmark...I thought. I still have some of the older packs I'll look at tonight.

Anonymous said…
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Peter Hoh said…
I would be very surprised to learn that LEGO Education could offer a service pack without the LEGO Group approving it.
Anonymous said…
I seen this the other day as I went through all the parts department at lego ED. always looking for new stuff. I thought to my self , DARN to bad no big cogs, they are hot. then i thought about the 6 snowmobiles i payed for :( just for the treads. This is nice to see anyway. Now we wont have to pay 50cents a piece at briklink. cool
Unknown said…
how can I get it in the UK; please give me a link

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