Control your Train Set

I received an email today from HiTechnic telling me to let readers know to keep an eye open on the HiTechnic website for a a new NXT-G block for the HiTechnic IRLink sensor. The block allows the NXT with an IRLink to control LEGO R/C trains.

I don't have one of the R/C trains, but if some of you do, this should be fun.


Anonymous said…
I believe I read somewhere that this device is also supposed to be capable of transmitting commands to the new PowerFunctions IR receivers - though I've not seen any confirmation of this.
Brian Davis said…
Actually, there have already been projects up on NXTlog as well as videos on YouTube that demonstrate this ability to control the PF motors from the Hitechnic IRLink.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
There's also a detailed post by me on describing this block and it's functionality

Guy Ziv

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