Cycling robot?

Lately, there have been some discussions about the possibility to build some motorcycle with the NXT that would actually be able to drive without falling over.

I wonder if someone of the community has already tackled or even mastered that? Does anybody know of such attempts?

For inspiration, here's the video of a Japanese (what else?) life-size robot that is able to drive a bike.


Anonymous said…
That's cool. And I think it would work because on NXTLog there are tons of balancing robots so you could use that technology to make a motor cycle.
BlueToothKiwi said…
Thank you Matthias for the mention.

Just a quick update: I 've done the body - I am just waiting for the delivery of the two motor bike wheels and I can start the programming :)

The biggest problem you have with it is the bulkyness of the NXT brick and the NXT motor. This has impact on both the centre of gravity, stability and the looks.

I wish you could have wireless Gyro sensor: Then you can have the Gyro mounted on the vehicle powered by the smaller PF elements. The NXT can then control the bike's PF motors via InfraRed via an IR-Link sensor.

But in the absence of wireless NXT Gyro sensor, you end up with a ill proportioned vehicle that does not look very elegant.

RawMean said…
I started building an autonomous self-balancing robot (NXT) last week, but it is still not working. The control theory in explained in this paper:

I would be interested in comparing notes with anyone who is working on this.


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