FIRST LEGO League team blogs out there?

Today, I ran across four (German-speaking) blogs in the web where FIRST LEGO League teams regularly blog on their experiences and progress in respect to the upcoming FLL "Power Puzzle" competition.

Do you know of other FLL-related blogs out there?

Addendum: There has been a similar posting on THE NXT STEP in May (with some links in comments), but that was for the "Nano Quest" then. There might be additional ones now (for instance, in Germany the attendance marked a new record on the number of participating teams for the actual FLL competition - no less than 101 up to 460!).


Hello !

I maintain a team blog here in Brazil, in Portuguese. The blog name is "The NXT Brasil"
( ) inspirited in "The NXT Step".

My team number, I still don't know, but the team name is "Free Access". We went to Atlanta, last year representing our Country.

Unknown said…

This is the webpage of my team. We created this webpage with photoshop and Editplus.
NXTMonger said…
We have a HTML based website at:
Team Brick said…
my FLL team Bricktron's website and blog

check us out!
GeekyTom said…
here's our site which has a blog for public viewing and a members only blog for team members and their families.
Bricks For Brains
Eric D. Burdo said…
nxtmonger - that's an interesting method for changing out between missions. How is it working for your team?
Anonymous said…
My team has an engineering blog on their website. But it's for internal use mostly. You can register to see more. The site is Drupal based (one of my older kids learned how to manage it) and they also put almost all of the content up there.

NXTMonger said…
It's working great, Eric! We got to state on our score of 275.

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