FLL Mission Overview Part 7 - Wave Turbine

Objective: Move a team-designed Wave Turbine to the Ocean west (left) of the sandy beach.

Point Worth: 25 points.

Mission Location: Ocean area west (left) of the sandy beach. (The ocean around the House)
Estimated Difficulty Level: 2/10

Time Length Rating: Medium

Unique Challenge Aspects: The fact that you bring your own team designed mission makes this mission very unique. Though the design of the Wave Turbine is not scored, it would still be worthwhile to make a good design. The only requirement about the design of the Wave Turbine is that it must have at least two parts that can move independantly of each other.
Because the distance from Base to the ocean is a considerable amount, we have given this a medium time length rating. Also, because this mission must be team-designed and incorporates two moving parts, we have rated this mission's difficulty 2/10.


Jonathan's Comments: Although FLL encourages teams to make a meaningful design, they note that it won't be judged. Hence, it's most beneficial to make the model in a way that is most convenient for the robot to move.


Talking Chimp said…
This mission has me perplexed. Not how to do it, but why they included it. There is nothing to do except "put something here."

It is almost as though they just want to see if you can get your bot to move from base to the beach. But even that can't be it, since there are simple ways to perform this mission without going anywhere near the beach.

Teams should receive degree-of-difficulty points for the ingenuity with which they deploy their turbine. I would love to see a team simply release the bot, and the moment it clears the base, it FLINGS the wave turbine over the house and into the ocean for a field goal.
Joshua Heinzl said…
I think that this mission's goal is simply to add to the sheer number of tasks that have to be performed. Coordination of a large number of simple tasks in a limited time is interesting.

Tree Planting and Wind Turbines are relatively easy as well.

I agree with Josh... it seems like the challenge this year goes for more "quantity" than "quality" in the missions.

This would be a good place to mention that Joshua has posted his own mission reviews here:

Joshua Heinzl said…
If anyone has questions, comments, etc about anything there, feel free to send me an email at josh (.at.) nhnerds (.dot.) org

Anonymous said…
But we wouldnt want to disagree with you Joshua. Our team is a newby team and we dont know anything. Dur Duh Dum.
Anonymous said…
our team has found some really cool ways to do the missions.
Anonymous said…
>But we wouldnt want to disagree with you >Joshua. Our team is a newby team and we >dont know anything. Dur Duh Dum.

That's overly arrogant from a "newby". If you act like that you certainly won't win any Gracious Professional awards!

Both this site and Joshua's site have descriptions that they took time and effort to post in order to help people. You could be a little bit more appreciative of both of the efforts.
Anonymous said…
arrogant??? Me?????

I posted that comment because there are many on my team who feel that certain people are a little arrogant with their comments and think they know everything. No names but I think you know who Im talking about ;-)
Anonymous said…
Actually, we did see a team fling the wave turbine over the house at our tournament in Victoria, Canada.

Once it landed in the ocean, and once it hit the floor of the gym. I didn't see their third attempt.

Fun to watch the robot throw things around the table!
Anonymous said…
I don't understand the comments about this mission not being scored. It says in the mission that meaningful designs will be scored. I've come late to the game for mentoring a local middle school team. This is their first year to compete and they are investing time and energy to build a wave turbine based on current technology. If this isn't going to be scored then they should know so they can put their energy into the other missions.

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