The future of professional baseball?

Al showed me a picture of this article in the Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine. Check it out here... a 17-year old (pictured above) built an NXT-RCX robot that applies an even layer of mud to baseballs. This gives them better grip than balls that have been "mudded" by hand.



Talking Chimp said…
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Talking Chimp said…
This application is a heck of a lot more useful than that one that solves the Rubik's Cube. Now if he can just make one that detects steroids...
Anonymous said…
Man that would have saved me alot of time when i was coach for little league, and the palms of my hands. :)
Unknown said…
I guess any robot creation is entitled on its own.
You might talk in disrespect of other builder's creations once you are able to build on such a level on your own (and not even then)...
Talking Chimp said…

Relax, it was a joke. No disrespect intended; far from it. I forget that readers of this blog sometimes don't recognize something that is said in semi-jest. Shoulda used a smiley face, I guess.

In truth, I was completely blown away by the Rubik's Cube device, and I have shown it to many, many people.

The point was that the Rubik's Cube solver actually is much more practical than the mud-baller, since it can do what many people cannot do (solve the cube). In contrast, the mud-baller is a hugely complicated device that achieves a relatively simple task (mudding the ball).

The Rubik's machine is admirable for its ability to do what it does. The mud-baller is admirable for its creator's having even thought of the application in the first place, and then having the dedication and ability to create it!).

Sorry for the confusion.
Unknown said…
So I have been somewhat to harsh, haven't I?
Sorry for that.


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