HiTechnic release IR Ball

HiTechnic has released its Infrared Electronic Ball to go along with its IRSeeker. From the HiTechnic website:

This infrared electronic soccer ball is well balanced and emits infrared (IR) signals in all directions making it a great IR target that can be detected by the HiTechnic IRSeeker.
The ball is perfect for Robot soccer and other games and is approved by the RoboCup Junior Technical Committee for use in Robocup Jr competitions.

The ball contains 20 IR LEDs that are positioned to virtually eliminate blind spots and make sure the IR signal can be easily detected by your robot.
The ball is 75mm (~ 3 inches) in diameter and requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).


Damien Kee said…
Wiltronics has been supplying their IR soccer ball in Australia for the last few years. It's got a rechargeable battery built in.
Anonymous said…
I think this is the other approved RobocupJR ball. the one from Wiltronics is not available in the US.
Anonymous said…
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retrogamer said…
I was not able to get the IRBall from the lego education site and they took it off their site now. Has anyone been able to get one and where did you get it?

I want to use some as part of an outreach activity for kids this summer.
Daneurl said…
I have been using LEGO Mindstorms in my school fora year now and it's great. However, I have been given the IR ball and told we are competing next year in the Robot Soccer Jr. I have no clue how to use it, I have the LEGO Mindstorms 9797 kit and 9648 extra pieces. Any guidance would be great!

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