Java for the NXT: Eclipse-Plugin

Good news, everyone! (in my best Professor Farnsworth voice)

At least for those amongst us who are into programming their NXT with Java, in particular with leJOS NXJ: there's finally an Eclipse plugin available that in an integrated way allows to upload the firmware and to develop, compile and upload NXT Java programs to the brick in Eclipse (the most popular Java IDE presently around, and justifiably so).

Based on the latest leJOS NXJ release, it supports the most recent Eclipse version 3.3 (Europa), thus runs on Windows and Linux.

Use Eclipse's Update manager to install it from the remote update site as follows:

Name: leJOS NXJ (or whatever you like)

For configuration and usage, consult the leJOS NXJ topic in Eclipse's Help->Help contents view after installation.

Give it a try and provide feedback.

Oh yes...


Unknown said…
I was able to download the plugin, but I'm no luck accessing the help topic. Help? I don't know what to do next.
Unknown said…

just contact me on my contact page at , so we can discuss that further.
Lismore said…
Please give instructions on how it works
Unknown said…
Is the Eclipse plug-in still available. I'm trying to install it from Eclipse but it isn't working (saying no software found on remote site).

Also, when I click on the link from your site ( and follow the other link listed there (, this also does not work.
Unknown said…

Thanks for hinting that to me.
I've updated the update site ;-) which features now the brandnew 0.5 version of the plugin.
Unknown said…
Would it be possible to modify your blog to include the dates for each comment listed?

At present they list only the times that the comments were posted.

I realise that this is somewhat off-topic here but thought I would mention it all the same.
pehrlich said…
For anyone reading, the plugin can now be found here:
(put that in to eclipse)
Maxim Veksler said…
Hello, none of the mentioned plugin locations is available. Can someone please post here the present location of the plugin?

(Commented posted on 27/12/2008)
Anonymous said…
Folks, the plug-in works and is available, but I had to user Europa indeed, it does not download from my Galileo. However I will try to copy the leJOS plugin folders from 'features' and 'plugins' eclipse Europa subfolders to the corresponding Galileo directories and see what happens...

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