Junior First LEGO League

Anybody involved in Junior FLL? I received an email from someone who was using JFLL as an after-school activity, and that got me wondering how the experience has been for others.


Anonymous said…
I am coaching a Junior FLL team. I have three 7yr old boys, including my son. I wanted to get his feet wet in order to prepare him and me for FLL competition. He has a NXT robot and is working through the tutorials. I am using the JFLL kit (LEGO Science and Technology Kit) to learn building techniques (gears, pullies, gears and axles) and the science behind those. I think this will greatly aid him in building stable robots. We've also enjoyed learning about alternative sources of energy and where our electricity is generated. We will be attending a JFLL/FLL event in February. After our JFLL activities are completed that day, we'll stay for the FLL events. We are both very excited!
JFLL is something I'm definitely interested in learning a little more about. I know that FLL gets most of the attention on this blog, but I can't help but think that encouragement at the younger age is important...

Readers - if you've got some stories to share about JFLL, resources, websites, etc - please share them with us and others.

Talking Chimp said…
The frustrating part is the difficulty in finding a team to join. I've looked in my area, but with no success. (And this is in Silicon Valley! There are some, but not within convenient distance.)

Forming our own team is not plausible this year, because I am involved in coaching an FLL team. (My 7-year old comes to the practices and helps out).
Anonymous said…
We have 6 kids per group; ages 1st through 3rd grade.
We have for supplies: a motor, Lego 9632 Kit, a baseplate, about 300 Legos.

The third graders dominate the younger kids. It is obvious which kids wanted to sign up and which kids's moms thought this was a good idea for their child.

The 9632 Kit was designed for 2 kids. The booklets are divided into A and B. Thus kid 1 builds 1A and kid 2 builds 1B and then they put them together to build a streetsweeper. But kids 3 through 6 can't do much as the parts they'd need to build other A and B booklets are in use in the streetsweeper.

We are supposed to be building a model showing a use of energy, but if we start building it we have even less parts to work with.

Some of the first graders are up to doing technics and building models i.e. following booklet directions, some are not. We had one who was content to play with the lego guys.
Anonymous said…
It is hard to teach and get the kids to play with "today is gears" because there simply aren't enough parts as we have 6 kids and 1 9632 kit.

The kids find the motor "really cool" but it is the biggest distraction. Most of the kids grab the thing whenever they see it, stick a stick (stud axle) in it and start yelling things like "weed whacker" and "cleaner" and poke it at everything they can find.

The kids are incredibly quiet when they all are into whatever it is that they are building. When they have an idea that they can handle, they are happy and excited.

Modeling i.e. building from the booklets is tougher, some kids can and some can't. And since we're talking moving parts, you have to learn which kids you have to double check all their work or the finished object doesn't work.
Unknown said…
I am the Vice President of a FIRST robotics team. My mentors and I are hoping to start several JFLL teams for the elementary schools in our area. My mentors and I have a few questions. What will the cost be for supplies? Is there any way to get supplies at a discount through First? How much time must be does it take? Is it realistic to attempt to start 6 teams in one year?

please email responses to kray@pmscholls.org and dczollo@optonline.net
Unknown said…
please do not email the first address. just dczollo@optonline.net. Feel free to check out or robotics team website at http://team329.com/team.html
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know where I can find the model instructions from the 2007 FLL competion? I've found the task instructions for the "game" but I can't the actual build instructions for the game.

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