LEGOWORLD 2007 - Day 1 & 2

So finally I have been able to get an internet access on LEGOWORLD 2007.

Well, the atmosphere here is tremendeous! Zillions of LEGO (R) aficionados and two large halls packed with awesome stuff - including two huge MINDSTORMS (R) NXT booths.
Enjoy the pictures!
More to follow tomorrow - I`m off to the world record attempt in quick building...


What is Canvin talking about?? Is he still trying to find an audience to support his idea for using the NXT to win the Google Lunar-X Prize? The man is on a mission, I tell you!

Brian Davis said…
I'd love to see a video of the "pinsetting" robot... for that matter, I wonder how much that huge contraption weighs. It's gigantnormous! As to what Steven is talking about, I'm not sure... but I do like the alpha-rex security team he has guarding the booth!

Brian Davis
Yes, I hear that LEGO is considering bidding with the US Army to provide robotic sentries. (Sentries ONLY - they won't risk letting any AlphaRex perform bomb disarmament duties.)

I don't know if you realize, but that's our own Martyn Boogaarts ("Robotica") next to the pinsetting machine. It has to be amazing -- he's part of the same team that did the LEGO pinball machine! :)

I'm sure he'll post more on it after the show...
Andy said…
He will, be sure on that. How do I know? I talk to him on a IM program. ;-)


PS. I really want to see a video of the 1:1 scale Ferrari that can drive (pictures will do just fine though :-P)
Robotica said…
You are right, it was me on the photo, and yes Gerrit (my fellow MUP an partner in crime ;) and I did not just build a pin setting machine... it is a fully functional BOWLING LANE, with indeed automatic pin ajustment and pin setting... even the Ball return is computer controlled.

the model has 14 RCX computers and way to many bricks, motors and wires, not to speak about the sensors. It uses "old school" RCX, since up to now we cannot build these masive contraptions with NXT, the wires are just not long enough. :(

I wll update and post more after LEGOWORLD 2007.

o and We did winn the speed building record... by just 1 minute :)

Anonymous said…
More photo please!!!
Unknown said…
Jim, as for the Lunar-X prize: yes, he does. :-) I guess we should start discussing ideas on a MINDSTORMS lunar rocket...

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