Sunday on LEGOWORLD - one could guess that this is one of the days where people are virtually flooding in.

The Billund MINDSTORMS guys (Chief Steven, Technical Brain Flemming and Top Designer Joern) are off again for Denmark and have left not only some nice bags on our booth but also a lot of ideas for the future in our brains. Thanks to them again for their generosity. :-)

Daniel Wittenaar spontaneously made an NXT ape that clawed his way over their booth. Intriguing!
Sadly, my Zamor shooter that I built this morning to terrorize them did work quite well, but didn't make it over the distance. Have to work on that, though... ;-)

Ah yes: we sold all our copies from the Idea book.

Enjoy the pictures from my last day here - I'm positive that I'm going to feed on this experience for a considerable time.

Images (from top to bottom)

  • Noteworthy things about the Bowling Lane
  • Building contest winners
  • The Bowling Lane in action
  • Trains, trains, trains!
  • Part Vultures
  • The production of three days building (note Philo's remote control that I used to control the Zamor shooter - great gadget that has been admired widely here)
  • World record attempt on quick building the "Millenium Falcon"
  • Daniel's MINDSTORMS booth Ape
  • Never underestimate the power of the Emperor


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