Microsoft Robotics Studio - Upgrade and new samples for the NXT!

Microsoft has added a bunch of new services for the NXT system (plus some other new samples).

Here is what is new for the NXT:
A complete redesign of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Services that greatly facilitates use in Microsoft Visual Programming Language. The new services provide full access to LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT ranging from a new brick service to services representing all of the standard motors and sensors. In addition, services are now also provided for a set of new sensors from HiTechnic and MindSensors. The redesigned LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT services do not interfere with the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT services provided as part of Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5) and can be used completely side-by-side. Check out the new tutorials and samples!

You can read the full post here: Samples Update for Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)

I haven't used the Robotics Studio recently. But I do use Visual (and C#) quite frequently, so I think I'll be checking this out next week...


Unknown said…

please keep us informed on the results of your studies!
I tried MSRS in spring for some time, but encountered it as by no means mature enough to be of efficient use for NXT program development.
I wonder if that has changed since then.
Anonymous said…
Hello Matthias.

I'm one of the developers of the Microsoft Robotics Studio. I thought you'd like to know that we've been listening to what people have to say about the LEGO NXT services for MSRS, and we've gone back to the drawing board to address your comments and many others.

This new LEGO NXT package for Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.5 has been redesigned expressly for use in the Microsoft Robotics Studio Visual Programming Language (VPL).

The new services are easy to configure, and provide an extensible architecture so that third party sensors can be added at any time. This samples update includes motors and sensors for all of the standard LEGO devices (including the battery), as well as several examples of sensors available from HiTechnic and MindSensors.

We have seven new sample diagrams using our Visual Programming Language, walk-throughs to get you started, and yes, we have Documentation for the new LEGO NXT services on MSDN.

Additionally, you can mix and match your own program running on the NXT Brick at the same time as our services are running on the PC (see Managing a running Program on NXT)and you can share information between the programs (see Sending Text to NXT Display).

I hope you'll give MSRS another look.

Please let me know what you think.

Unknown said…
Dave, thanks for your comment. :-)
As a developer that is engaged with model-driven development and domain specific languages, the features you describe appear pretty interesting to me - I guess I'll decidedly have a look at the update after the LEGOWORLD... ;-)

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