Next week: LEGOWORLD 2007

Do not forget: next week on Thursday the LEGOWORLD 2007 starts in the Ijsellhallen in Zwolle, Netherlands (about 100 km from Amsterdam). This event, one of the largest LEGO related ones in the world, will last until Tuesday the 23rd.
From the hosts:

"Are you curious to know what the first LEGO toys looked like? Then come visit the LEGO Museum!
Experience the new story in the underwater world of BIONICLE.
Learn how to build your own robot at the MINDSTORMS NXT demonstrations.
Race along with LEGO Racers
Have a look at the 1:1 LEGO Ferrari that can actually drive."
If you intend to visit, do not forget to drop in at LEGO's MINDSTORMS NXT booth and the NXT booth opposite from it that is maintained by some of the Dutch MCP members and authors of this blog.

I will be there also and am going to report some kind of LEGOWORLD diary on this blog, given that I'm able to get regular access to the web.

See you at LEGOWORLD. :-)


Laurens Valk said…
Hey Matthias,
I will also be there. On Sunday, and probably also on Monday.
When do you go?
Eric D. Burdo said…
Man, I sure wish I could go. It would mean a vacation (and a trip across the ocean) but I'd love to do it.

Guess I have to wait for a bit. Maybe next year...
Unknown said…

Most likely, I will be there from Thursday to Monday.
Robotica said…
Hi, thanks Paul for posting, I was so bussy with building..., but I will be there all days.
and I will present at least 3 models of our NXT Idea Book and in co-operation with Gerrit, an impresive model....

(has something to do with pins and Balls...)

regards Martyn

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