Oct 6, 2007

Philo's review of the new Power Function motors

Philo has a great summary/review of the new Power Function motors. You can read it here.

Among the items covered, he includes:

# Overview of Power Functions range

# Description of working

# Comparison with older 9V mini-motors

# LDraw and LeoCAD part files


Anonymous said...

Are the battery box and medium-sized motor the same as that which comes in the LEGO Education Science and Technology Kit Power Add on Set which goes w/ the Science and Technology Set.

They look the same as pictured on Philohome and the connectors are the same.


Brian Davis said...

I do't have that set, but I very strongly suspect they are the same. There is a battery box with a very similar shape that has a 9V, not a PF, connection point, but the one in this set is shown running a PF motor, so it would seem to be the identical battery box.

Brian Davis

BlueToothKiwi said...

An Excellent review yet again Philo - Well done!

I just heard that LEGO is dumping the old train motor in favour of the PF elements in the next iteration - it looks like all the LEGO motor technologies are now merging into the PF technology - to save money in profuction cost etc.


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