Digitizing Super 8 film with the NXT

Harri Kaimio uses an NXT-powered, reel-to-reel gizmo to digitize his old Super 8 movie films. Here's an excerpt from Harri's description:

"The LEGO part has two main functions: it must pull the film from the scanner so that the next unscanned piece of film gets ready, and it must rotate the film reel onto which the scanned film goes. We used 2 Mindstorms servo motors, one for each task.

The film is pressed between 2 soft Lego wheels that are rotated by one of the motors. We placed some guides on both sides of the wheels to ensure that the film moves straight (luckily, some Lego parts have exactly 8mm holes in them!)

The film reel is rotated with the other servo."

More details of Harri's project plus a sample of his digitized film is found here.


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