FLL Mission Overview Part 12 - Corn

Objective: Move the three "corn" items to Base, and make sure an oil barrel has been moved to the farm.

Point Worth: 25 points.

Mission Location: Near the South-East (bottom right) corner of mat.

Estimated Difficulty Rating: 3/10

Time Length Rating: Medium

Unique Challenge Aspects: n/a

Sorry I'm so late with this one... seems like Pre-Calculus, Physics, Visual C++ .NET, and Basketball all conspired together to keep me busy for the last couple weeks. :P Anyway, this mission is mostly straightforward and easy to understand. One potentially confusing aspect, however, is the part about needing to move an oil barrel to the farm to get the points for this mission. This is due to the fact that there is a 40 point deduction if an oil barrel touches a property with a house in it. Since the farm is one such property, the oil barrel can't be touching the mat. As long as it's over the farm, but not actually touching the mat, you should be fine though.

Richard's Comments: Just want to warn everyone, those Corn are tricky to pick up cornered between the wall and the Coal Mining... be careful of the potential trap!!
Edit: The location of this mission is actually Southeast (bottom right).


NXTMonger said…
My team just finished that mission!

Go A.E.R.O. Cows!!!
Krishna Kumar said…
Jonathan, is it North-East or South-East?

My team just completed this mission as well and we had it in the South-East location. The North-East has Uranium.
Hi guys

i wanna know if i can use your "fll overview" to translate and put on my blog?

some brazilian guys don´t speak english, then they asked me to translate...

may i?


I think it will be okay for you to translate, but please list Jonathan and Richard as the authors and post a link to the original source material for each writeup that you use. Thanks!


ill put all the credits for it

thanks jim
Joshua Heinzl said…

The Uranium are in the northeast corner. The Corn are in the east-middle, south of the Uranium and north of the Rail Car.

Andy said…
Richard's comment doesn't make very much sense I think, not for the corn. But for the Uranium, then it seems more logical to say something like that. IMHO.


I'm sorry... my bad. It is South-East. I must've been thinking of the Uranium when I wrote that. :P

Robolab 2.9 said…

I ditto Jonathan about my comment.

Anonymous said…
The mission says get 25 points, but isn't it really just a net 15 points, since you must take one of your barrels from base and move it to the farm?

That is, you lose 10 points (barrel leaves base) in order to gain 25 points?
That's a good point, LEGO Farmer... you do end up getting only 15 points extra from that mission.


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