Girls Gone Geek nominates NXT as "Ultimate Holiday Gadget Gifts for Women and Girls"

The hosts of Girls Gone Geek, a weekly half-hour audio podcast on technology with a female point of view, have named the 2007 Ultimate Holiday Gadget Gifts for Women and Girls; in the Penny Pinchers category (which means 250 $ and below - so you still are complaining on the price of a NXT kit? ;-) ) , you will find the NXT kit as one amongst five gadgets (including indispensable things like a calories burner watch, a Mickey Mouse mp3 player and an Espresso Machine):
"The Lego Mindstorm NXT robot kit is a great gift for aspiring engineers or robot fanatics. It is well worth the $250 price tag because it can be built in an infinite number of forms and is definitely NOT a toy that is used for a month and then gets stuffed away to collect dust."
So if you still are undecided what to buy your wife or/and your daughter(s) for Christmas - we have it from female authorities now that the NXT is the ultimate replacement for boring perfumes or dolls.


Anonymous said…
I just ordered myself an NXT for Christmas! My 7yr old has is. I guess I'll share mine w/ the 4yr old. 8-)

Brian Davis said…
What a great idea! I can buy my wife an NXT, and both my daughters, and... well, and then I can buy myself a small tent and sleeping bag for the porch :). I'm going to have to read that article.

Brian Davis
Unknown said…
Brian, would be similar to Homer's bowling ball present to Marge with his name on it, right? ;-)

Yes, I guess your sweeties would smell the rat - you simply have a NXT reputation already... :-D
Anonymous said…
Check out this news article about girls and NXT!
Anonymous said…
What a great idea!NXT robot kit ia great gift.

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