HiTechnic Prototyping Boards available

HiTechnic has released its Prototyping Board - from its website:

"The HiTechnic NXT Prototype board is available in two models, one with a prototype grid to solder your designs creating a permanent sensor or device interface and the solderless design that plugs into a solderless breadboard so you can quickly create many designs and reuse your electronic components."
Also available in addition to the two boards will be a parts kit (avail. Dec 3) .

So, the big question is: what will you do with it? Take some time to read the product page descriptions here - there's a LOT to read.


Andy said…
Thats awsome! I will get the Solderless set, for 6 dollars extra I get a second solderless breadboard and alot more jumper wires :-D And later when/if needed I will buy some solderable prototype boards. ;-)
Can't wait till I can order a solderless version and maybe a iRLink if I get the "new" bulldozer for x-mas :-D

Eric D. Burdo said…
OK... That is definitely going on my Christmas list. :)
Brian Davis said…
It's a very nice little unit: amazingly simple to use, even for those of us without the electronics experience. I'll try to post more on this sometime soon, as I've seen some nifty applications using this.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
I used to do breadboarding years ago. I bought this unit thinking I would know what to do with it. However, I am lost. In the pictures on their site they show capacitors and resistors. I used to be able to buy those individual parts but I am not sure they are avilable any more. Help from anyone who has already used the set and can give some suggestions.

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