Idea Book: BenderBot Video

BenderBot: The Anti-Theory Music Robot

Here's a freshly thrown video providing some idea of BenderBot's functionality and purpose.

BenderBot is a musical instrument which generates sound suitable for sampling and recording just as with any instrument. However, this instrument is like no other. You program and play it however you wish. The slate is clean (aside the sample programs and ideas) for you to create your own music. The bot can be set to run autonomously or can be operated manually. You program it as you wish. Viewers may notice (or knob-up your PC speakers until you do) the wild sound track segments near the start and end of the video. These segments are the results of a home recording studio production of BenderBot, an electric guitar, a sound processor pedal, and a Circuit Bent Texas Instruments Speak & Spell. These instruments were used to create sound samples that were then assembled into a nice track. Breaking it down further concerning BenderBot...with your PC and some freeware you can create a short sound sample, convert it for use in the NXT and NXT-G software, crank out some NXT sounds, record samples with your PC when you are jammin'out, mix'em around and produce your own 'noise'. What you see in the video is only a very tiny example of what can be produced using BenderBot. Different equipment combinations or a lone BenderBot can be used to achieve nice tracks. Grab a copy of the Idea Book and give BenderBot a spin!

Soon, I'll release a tutorial on creating NXT-G sound samples for NXT instruments and details for processing recordings towards song productions. I encourage readers to visit our forum section to discuss BenderBot and the other Idea Book Bots. A sound sample download section will soon be created to provide a few usable sound collections! Please, drop by and let us know how your NXTrument endeavors play out.

What kind of music will you create with your NXT instrument? Let us know!

Christopher Smith


BlueToothKiwi said…
Geat project. Well done, Chris.

When I saw the bit where you were controlling the pitch with your hands, I could not help remembering the old Laser Harp made famous by the French artist, Jean Michel Jarre.
Thank's KiwiMan! The theremin was being interrupted by something (my desk lamp) and sounded skippy during the video. It normally operates smoothly and sounds great. I was on my 4th session creating this video. The previous 3 tries crashed and corrupted the files when I was nearing completion each time. So, I quit while I was ahead the 4th time around. I must have spent around 40 total hours since August on this darn video.

I like the Laser Harp idea. Seems like it would be a good spin for an NXT build in combo with Hitechnic's Prototype Sensor Board.

Anonymous said…
Did you use 2 different programs for bending the "error" sound file and then controlling pitch with the light and ultrasonic sensor?

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