Lego NXT + wiimote with MSRS tutorial

Alberto Bietti (17) from Paris France wrote on his Blog:

It's time to post the first tutorial on this blog: controlling a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot (but the code would also work for any other differential drive robot supported by MSRS, including the BASIC Stamp-based BOE-bot from Parallax, the iRobot Create, etc.) with a Nintendo wiimote (if you're not yet an expert: the WII controller) using Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS) 1.5. I wrote an introduction to this in my first post, and the time has come to write a tutorial about it! I'm also going to introduce you to writing services with Microsoft Robotics Studio.

look at the movie all the way at the end of the tutorial.



Jay said…
lol thats awesome! it's a waste of a Wii remote though; one less player for the party!
Unknown said…
Does the wii remote still work on the wii after?

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