Lemon: comparing LEGO(R) models and checking against the NXT kit

Remember the beta release of a Model Differ application I posted about some days ago?
Finally, the first productional of it is available now, called Lemon 1.0.

It features
  • comparing LEGO(R) models laid down in LDRAW (.ldr) or LEGO Digital Designer (.lxf) format
  • comparing such models against the NXT Retail Kit
  • listing parts contained in each model only
  • listing parts commonly contained in both models
  • easy one-click installation and running using Java Web Start (the only thing you need is a Java 5 (or above) runtime on your computer - might already come pre-installed on your operating system)
  • supported on all platforms Java 5 is available for (in particular Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux)
If you ever needed to know if your (or other people's) model can be built with a single NXT Retail Kit and which parts you need in addition, or if you ever were curious in which parts two models differ, this Java-based application might prove useful for you.


Anonymous said…
Great work!
Thank you for your Lemon!
I only have NXT edu version.
Could you add the function of comparing with NXT edu.
I think it's very useful for those who only has NXT Edu version.

Hunter Chiou
Nate KI6STK said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate KI6STK said…
why did you decide to call it Lemon?
Unknown said…

Just was looking for a handy name.
"Lemon" could be an abbreviation for "LEGO Model Nibbler".

After all, I'm certainly not the best inventor of names on earth... ;-)
Unknown said…
Hunter Chiou,

the ability to check against the educational kit is on my feature list for the next release already. :-)

Thanks for the proposal,

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