New NXT Book

The Unofficial LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Inventor's Guide by David J. Perdue is now available. The book contains:

- An examination of the pieces in the NXT set and the roles they play in construction
- Practical building techniques, like how to build sturdy structures and work with gears
- Programming tips for NXT-G (and a bit about several unofficial NXT programming languages)
- A strategy (called the MINDSTORMS method) for creating your own robots
- Step-by-step instructions for building, programming, and testing six sample robots (all of which can be built using only the parts found in one NXT set).

Additional details can be found at


Anonymous said…
You can purchase the book from the publisher ( or the distributor (, but the book is not quite yet available at and other online retailers. It will be soon.


David J. Perdue
Rick Rhodes said…

I purchased your book from No Starch, and the preliminary indications are that your book is quite good.

Besides the models themselves, I appreciate that you have an in-depth treatment of NXT-G in the book. (Over a hundred pages of David's book are devoted to NXT-G programming).

I also appreciate that you've uploaded all of your NXT-G code to your companion web site.

Anonymous said…

Thanks for the comments. I hope the NXT-G documentation (including a section on data wires) will help a lot of people to more firmly grasp the language.



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