New Version of LEGO Digital Designer Version 2.3 With PF Elements !!!

A new version of LEGO Digital Designer (Version 2.3) just been released.

I just been playing with it - for me the most coolest addition is the PF Elements !!!

A quick look at the boxes included shows some new additions - the most notable ones are the LEGO Creator 4957 Ferris Wheel and the cool 4958 Monster Dino.

Thanks LEGO for listening. Now we can include PF motors in our NXT robotic models. It is a shame they still dont have the IR-Lnk though - you have to use a light sensor as a place holder until the IR-Link makes it to the pallette!

Why not try it and see if you like it?

Download it from here



Andy said…
Hey, you forgot to add a link for us ;-)

Andy said…
Hey, you forgot to add a link to us ;-)

BlueToothKiwi said…
LOL - I am just doing that now - sorry.
ThinkBrick said…
I wonder if they've fixed the gear meshing?
Andy said…
No need to be sorry ;-)
Man I really am impressed over how much better this is than the previous version. It has all the parts I've needed now (almost), unlike the previous version, which just had like half of the parts I use to many of usually.. :-)

Andy said…
@ Bricktron, I hope so too, I hop you can make 90* bend in gear chains to now, unlike the previous version, where you hardly could make the gears fit with eachother. I am playing around with it now, so I will come with an update soon if not anyone else is quicker then me.
Andy said…
They haven't fixed the gear meshing "bug" (am I allowed to call it that?) yet. It is kinda annoying...

Anonymous said…
what are PF Elements?
Joshua Heinzl said…
PF stands for "Power Functions". It's the term for the new motors. They have the same core as NXT motors.


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