NXT Classroom ready to roll

Remember the post one month ago on a new site being under construction, aimed at teachers and called NXT Classroom
"to provide the NXT community with a place where beginners could learn simple programming, keep up with NXT news, post tutorials and run their own courses." ?
Ross, the maintainer of the site, has announced that the site is ready for use now:
"The site features:
  • A customizable joomla install that allows registered users to submit content
  • Fireboard forums - fast and integrated with the site
  • Chatrooms - big enough to allow teachers to have guests in chats with students (max 40, can be raised)
  • RSS feed from the NXT Step blog
  • A moodle install where registered users can run their own course with their school students or a general course for the community
  • An events calendar for people who like FLL competitions
I just thought everyone would like an update, the site is stable and ready for full use. Thanks for all the offers of help, I hope everyone enjoys the site over the coming years."

Go for it!


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