NXT Robots built for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

During the summer, four members of Virginai FLL Team 668: Super-Nanobot-Extremes had an outreach opportunity to work on the set of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", on location in Pennsauken NJ. They were tasked with building NXT Retail Kit robots to be displayed in a child's bedroom during the revealing of the house to the family. During a four hour period, the kids managed to build two models and complete a third model that had arrived at the set partially built. All three robots were programmed by the children and in working order before the day was out.

I recently received word from the show's producer who said the robots that the kids made were a huge hit and "read" well on camera! There were two on the desk between the computers, and one in the back on the silver cubed nightstand.

The show will be aired nationally this Sunday November 11th on ABC ( check your local listings)

Included below are some pictures that were taken during the shows taping back in August.

David Levy


Ethan Steckmann said…
A friend and I so wanted to help with this but we had a swim meet the same day and couldnt make it :(

Rick Rhodes said…

Great work! We'll look forward to watching the show.

Andy said…
I wish I could see that show somehow, sadly I think it will take several months before we get it here in Norway + I don't know when that show is aired here (yes, it is aired here in Norway too ;) But I don't know when :-S )

David Levy said…
Additional: The show's producers found theNXTStep.com on google and posted the following message to our forum:


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