"Someone has the dam from table 2A; please return it for the next round"

The Berthoud Recorder has published an online article on an FLL event that was held on last Saturday in Berthoud, Colorado. It was the first time an FLL competition was performed there, and according to the article the hosts were quite surprised on the tremendeous repercussion it found in the area (not an uncommon experience when it comes to FLL): no less than thirty-four teams took part.

There was also "a team-building exercise that had the students walking to the Little Thompson Observatory where volunteers explained the workings of the observatory". Nice idea!

On a sidenote: there's an announcement on the page that
"If this article receives more than 100 hits on any given day between now and next Wednesday we will include a link to the slide-show"
of pictures of the event - guess we will achieve that, won't we?

Addendum: Obviously, we did. :-) View the slideshow the site's web admins have put online now.
Addendum 2: There's been another online article of an FLL event in Colorado this weekend - this time in Ft. Collins.


Micah E. said…
Hit #3 here... c'mon guys, we can do this easy.
Anonymous said…
Hit #4
Make that 5...

Anonymous said…
Slide show is up and running. Link is at the bottom of the page. You will need the Flash Player v. 6.x or higher.

thanks for your support

- recorder webmaster
They must have gotten 100+ hits because they've posted the slideshow now. You can see a good mix of RCX and NXT robots in the 50+ pictures.

Joshua Heinzl said…
An article from Indiana:

Volunteers are needed in Kentucky:

An article from Wisconsin:

How is everyone else doing so far?


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