Spin Those NXT Deals!

Folks, the season for extreme sales are almost upon us. The clogged stores, parking lots, gas stations, and roads...who needs the stress? Lucky for us, the Internet is free from those problems and allows us to shop from the safety of home.

This is my plan. Save some bucks, the stess, and the possibility of following my Wife to every store in town...by using the trusty old WWW to find the gifts I might need for myself...I mean for my family and friends.

So, there are some earlybird sales and things happening. Here is one (since I deleted the RIS sale link):

- MicroCenter Online is offering the NXT 8527 at $199.99 (+5.99 Shipping) USD Here

Several other online stores (such as, Amazon) are offering Free Shipping to save you some bucks and there will indeed be more (possibility better) offerings before this year rolls out. If you spot a good one post it here or drop one of us an email.



Anonymous said…
OH your post is so timely. On Black Friday, LEGO stores will be giving out a scratch off card for either 10%, 20% or 50% off your purchase. Never in my life have I been tempted to venture out on Black Friday. This just might do it! My friend advises that I go 40min before closing time.

But w/ the internet sales you've just posted, I'll likely save myself the hastle and the trip to the LEGO store for what probably would be only 10% off.

Last year, I got our first NXT kit w/ a 20% internet coupon w/ free shipping. I was hoping for the same this year but those coupons were out in September so I likely missed them.

Again, thanks for posting the sales. You saved me some money.

You're Welcome.

The scratch-off discounts would be great if I had a LEGO Store in my part of the country.

Anonymous said…
The Science Kit for educators link shows an RIS. The parts list also doesn't match the Retail NXT kit or the Education kit w/ only 2 motors etc.

Anonymous said…
Black Friday sites have posted the Micro Center circular for Friday, showing $179.99 for the NXT kit. (plus about $6 shipping).
Talking Chimp said…
Correction. Micro Center itself has posted its Black Friday circular:

A RIS...? Interesting. When I made the SciKit link it WAS a sale for the NXT. Or, maybe my eyes just saw "MINDSTORMS" and went with it...oh well. It's Monday!

I really thought that these earlybird sales were going to be the high side for the NXT this season.

The MicroCenter $179.99 is nice but it is for In-Store purchases only.

Post them when you see them. The sales are going to be quick.

Anonymous said…
The USA Today had an article about "Cyber Monday" when many internet companies will run sales. I'll check Black Friday and then Cyber Monday and see what deals I can find. I suppose I need to start getting my DH on board about buying another NXT. 8-)

Unknown said…
Dear me...that's half the price you have to spend for that kit in Germany!

Hm..could someone buy me, say, a hundred of those kits and bring them over the pond at the next visit in Europe? ;-)
Andy said…
thats like 30% of what it costs here in Norway! 250 bucks is half the price of Norway so event that is "cheap" for me :-S If I only had the money I would have ordered one now and get my grandma to send it to me so I would have gotten it before cristmas.. If I only had the money to buy a couple.. *sigh*

Anonymous said…
Microcenter Online no longer has any NXTs. She said I can call a Microcenter in my state and they can ship it to me and they should honor the online price.
Anonymous said…
Eurobotniks: If you come over here and buy enough of them, you might save enough to pay for the airfare from Europe to U.S. ....

I'm just sayin'.
Unknown said…
I just bought a NXT kit at the Denver Microcenter - I may still wait in line for the extra $20 off on Friday morning. Anyway, it looked to me like they had 20 or 30 in stock. As the other poster said, that $180 deal is in-store only.

I was there last year for BF and it was crazy. They may not have the same incredible deals this year but it may not be worth saving the extra $20 if it takes 4 hours to complete the purchase.
I won't even try. Our Microcenter in Atlanta suffers from the one-checkout-line-only syndrome... just like the Houston store.

I sometimes like to count how many people just leave and drop their stuff on the counter as they go out... very poor customer service at purchase time - they're great on the floor when you have a question.

Anonymous said…
Any word on whether there will be any sales on NXTs on CyberMonday? I'm wondering if I should buy now or wait.
Anonymous said…
FAO Schwartz has 25% off everything online, and free shipping. Their NXT sets are $255 normally, but $191.25 with the discount. 11/26 $ 11/27
Anonymous said…
I just checked FAO, the NXTs are out of stock and you can't get a raincheck for the sail price. They do have the technic bulldozer however.
Anonymous said…
I ended up buying one w/a 247coupon for target but it was only 10% off and free shipping. I missed all the good deals....
Anonymous said…
Well it's 2008, not 2007. And the best deal I can find is here: http://www.mrrobot.com/legog/

$219 + shipping.

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