This weekend: Central European FLL finals

For those who still are undecided what to do at the weekend next ensuing, a trip to the beautiful Black Forest in Germany might be even more worthwhile than it is anyway: at Triberg the Central European FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Finals for the actual Power Puzzle competition will take place on Saturday, the 1st of December. There, the best teams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic will compete against each other and determine the attendees for the FLL World Finals at Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in April.

As a special service, Education Highway from Austria will present the event as a Live Stream in the web.

I'll be there also and bring back some nice images and videos.


Andy said…
Also they are holding the Scandinavian Finals (with over 30 teams from Norway, Sweden and Denmark are competing). Sadly, our team didn't make it that far. We were pretty close though :-)

Unknown said…
Andy, do you know where that will take place? Some live streaming of it?
Andy said…
Sorry, I forgot to tell that it is held in Herning, Denmark. Live streaming can be found here.

Anonymous said…
when will it be streaming
Robotica said…
In The Nederlands (benelux) there are now the region finals, and our benelux final will be held on 26 January 2008.

Below are the dates of
Region Date
Leuven zaterdag 17 november 2007
Noord-Holland woensdag 21 november 2007
Delft zaterdag 24 november 2007
were today:
Gouda vrijdag 30 november 2007
West-Brabant vrijdag 30 november 2007

Eindhoven zaterdag 1 december 2007Haaglanden zaterdag 1 december 2007

NEXT week and later
Valleiregio vrijdag 7 december 2007
Oost-Nederland zaterdag 8 december 2007
Rijnmond vrijdag 14 december 2007 (gewijzigd)
Helmond zaterdag 15 december 2007
Limburg zaterdag 15 december 2007
Noord-Nederland zaterdag 15 december 2007
Flevoland donderdag 31 januari 2008 (pilot)

Andy said…
The Streaming from Denmark (The scandinavian finals) will be tomorrow, December 1st. at 10am our time (GMT+1), that will be in the middle of the night in USA. If you find out what time zone you are in, you should faily easily manage to find out what time it starts for you. It will start at 9am for the poeple in the UK.

Andy said…
Matthias, why not make a list with links to the live streaming from the different places in Europe that has some sort of finals held tomorrow the first of December (like the scandinavian final for example). That way people can easily find a link to the streaming and watch it tomorrow if they want to. Just another crazy idea of mine :-P

Unknown said…
Andy, good crazy idea.
Howver, so far there are only two streams tomorrow, for aught I can see:

The Scandinavian one (10 AM GMT+1)

The Central European one (12 GMT+1)
Andy said…
Ok, it's good to atleas see a small list though :-)
Looking forward to see the team that won our regional competition loose :-P (Hey, they were our biggest enemies cause they won one orund were we got more points.. *angry*)


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