What Happened to ILENN?

For quite awhile now, the International LEGO Enthusiast News Network (ILENN) has been providing worldwide news feeds of "all things NXT" and "all things LEGO". That is, until about two months ago.

The ILENN home page is now full of scripting errors and seems to carry no news whatsoever. Does anyone know what happened to it?

I emailed someone named "Kelly" at ILENN but received no response. Any solution to the mystery would be appreciated. Their web site is here.


Nate KI6STK said…
weird. it looks like its trying but failing to pull something from their MySQL database.I don't know.
James Trobaugh said…
Kelly has taken a position with The LEGO Group and might have so much paying LEGO work on his hands that he hasn't had time for non-paying LEGO work.


If you sent him an email I'm sure he'll response quickly, he's pretty good about that.
Rick Rhodes said…
Thank you, Jamest.

I noticed in Kelly's announcement that he would "continue to run ILENN...inasmuch as it needs running".

Please tell Kelly that it DOES need some "running" at the moment!



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