What kind of NXT book would YOU like to see?

There's a lot of NXT-related books out there already and more are to be expected.

Some of them are targeted particularly at NXT beginners (like The Mayan Adventure, the Zoo! book or the NXT Orange Book), some to more advanced users (as The Da Vinci Inventions Book or Extreme NXT), some are collections of NXT robots of different complexity and how to build and program them (The Idea Book, Creating Cool MINDSTORMS Robots and the Inventor's Guide, for instance), and finally some are dedicated to a particular aspect of the NXT universe (e.g. the NXT-G Programming Guide, NXT Power Programming or Maximum Lego NXT) - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong with these classifications.

Yet, if you could wish for a NXT book written particularly for you - how would that very book look like? What topics should it deal with? Which kind of robots (if any) would you like to see in there? How should it be organized?


haupz said…
I'd love to see a book on NXT firmware hacking. Honestly.
Anonymous said…
I now have 4 NXT books so honestly, I can't think of any other book I need for a beginner. The "Inventor's Guide" is perfect for a beginner and the robots are appealing to kids.

Krishna Kumar said…
I know the FLL missions change every year. But I would like to see a book designed for coaches and mentors and maybe the teams on:
- robot ideas
- arm/attachment ideas
- how to work as a team, strategies for dividing work
- tips for mentors on training kids
- how to select missions (points vs complexity)

Another book idea: NXT for home security or automation. Projects you can use at home like NXT with camera for monitoring. NXT with a broom for cleaning. NXT to interact with pets or feed them.
Anonymous said…

Kelly wrote a workbook for FLL teams. http://www.cafepress.com/thenxtstep.173374563

Unknown said…
Thank-you for the opportunity to comment on this topic. I have every NXT book or have it on order.

I believe something we DON'T need is a book that introduces the NXT, explains the history, describes the sensors, or explains the NXT-G language. These topics have been done and done again very well with the books already available.

I would like to see more robots that use the sensors that did not comes with the basic NXT kit. "Extreme NXT" started on this topic by how to make some fantastic sensors on your own. So, how about some more robots with the great sensors (and great-looking) HiTechnic products? This has only been briefly touched on by the fine "Power Programming" and "Maximum" books and is a largely untouched area.

Thanks again!
Anonymous said…
I ordered a copy of this yesterday but probably won't get it for a week or more. I don't know much about it but is from the same writer of the Mayan book.

Katie R.
New Hampshire

Unknown said…
Katie is referring to Jim's Compass Sensor Experiments (the URL was clipped by the blogger web page, so I made a real link from it).
Team Brick said…
more advanced programming on NXT-g, stuff like state machines, true dynamic programming such as active sensing and all that stuff. Make good use of those advanced add-ons like equations and the other sensors available by hitechnic
Anonymous said…
i would be very interested in seeing a book on vision and video apps for nxt.
Anonymous said…
So far I only have 3 NXT books, so I am not sure if the book I am looking for already exists. I always enjoyed learning from the "Algorithms in (pick your language)" books. What I am looking for might be a collection of the best My Block subroutines that could be used to solve common tasks. Maybe the book would be NXT Design Patterns and cover common construction as well as programming tips.

Hobby Robots.
Kevin said…
We don't have the NXT set yet, just RCX. We particularly liked the book
Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms:
since it has solid engineering advice, not just "follow the instructions". I think the authors have an NXT edition of the book out, but I haven't seen it.
Anonymous said…
I'd like to see a book with instructions for building the top robots from FLL published each year. With programming instructions. Who knows, FLL could make some money on this!
Unknown said…
Kevin, for the NXT version of the Ferrari Brothers' ingenious book, have a look at here.

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