Biped walker - in action

I finished the biped about which I posted earlier. I added some sensors. The sound sensor was not used in this movie. With the ultrasonic sensor it avoids walls. The LED of the light sensor flashes if it turns, when it sees something. Altough it looks like it tips over, it is actually a pretty stable robot.


Anonymous said…
I think this could follow a line TMC. looks very stable and is fast for a lego biped that really lifts it feet. You should put it on the test pad and give it a run! Maybe two light sensors one on each foot. would be very cool to see it at nxtasy#4's contest. As always great work and execution. Some how it looks kind of scary too. Might be a bit like Franken stien's little brother bot ;)

Anonymous said…
very nice... would love to see the directions to build this baby...:)
Rod Gillies said…
That is excellent. I've never got a biped going that fast. And doc's right - it is a bit scary, sort of scarecrow/zombie-ish.
Laurens Valk said…
Thanks for the comments.

I might try it, but maybe I'll try another robot.

What kind of things would you like to see? I don't have time this week, but I'll look at it by christmas break.
Note that you cannot build it with a single NXT kit. I used one more turntable and a couple of other small extra parts.


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