Biped - work in progress

A two legged walker has always been a robot on my to-do list. Inspired by Bruno Zarokian’s robot I created an NXT robot with the same functions. However, the mechanisms I used are different.
Right now it can walk and turn. A sensor to avoid walls will be added later. I hope to upload a video of it this week.


Anonymous said…
I remember that design in studed. I think he called it"hammer head"? It worked very good too. cant wait to see yours L.

Laurens Valk said…
Mine is not as good as his. But I was happy with this one because it actually walked :).

I might try another (faster) one later.

Your walkers are much better though. ;)

Anonymous said…
I am glad you posted this. It has gave me insperation for nxtasy chalenge#4! i have the prototype done. Just need to make the program to follow a circle line. Though it is nothing like yours its the insperation that lead me there.



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